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ebony14 ([personal profile] ebony14) wrote2012-07-31 09:02 am
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A request for the video game industry....

Being a gamer, comic book reader, and avid fantasy/sci-fi fan with a deep love of the classic pulps, I get it. I understand the need/desire/appeal for pin-up art. Larry Elmore, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, J. Scott Campbell... hell, even Richard Corben, I get you guys. I have been your target audience.

That being said... could we have a few more action heroines that actually dress either a) in period and/or b) sensibly. Like this young lady.

I'll leave the discussion of the awesomeness of a Woman of Color as an action heroine to those with a bigger stake in that fight than I, but I will say that I think it is pretty awesome, especially since she actually looks like something other than a Caucasian with dark skin.

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