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Film Review - "Let the Right One In"

Watched "Let the Right One In" last night (the original Swedish film, not "Let Me In," which is the American remake). Nice creepy little vampire film. A bit slow in spots, but it did a good job of reminding me that Sweden is dark for a lot longer in the winter than much of the continental U.S., so a vampire can survive quite well for a long time.

The best bit of this film is that, as you watch it, you feel sympathetic to both Oskar and Eli. They seem sad and lonely outside of each other's presence. But you realize, if you watch it analytically, that they're both monsters. Eli is, of course, a vampire, and Oskar, with his scrapbook of articles on murders and other killings and his fantasies about stabbing a bully at school (and his rather matter-of-fact assault on the bully when he finally confronts him), is not quite right in the head in something of a potential sociopath sort of manner. The similarities between Oskar's manner and that of the man who acts as Eli's "father" in the film are notable, and at the end of the film, you are left with the impression that he has taken that man's place, and are left wondering if that was Eli's plan all along when she first befriended Oskar.

If you like quiet, creepy films and don't have a problem with slow action and subtitles, I recommend you find a copy of this one. It's not the sad, poetic justice of a Benicio del Toro ghost story like "The Devil's Backbone" or "The Orphanage," but it does have a nice feel to it and some interesting characters.