ebony14: (Oh for fuck's sake)
ebony14 ([personal profile] ebony14) wrote2011-12-29 10:19 am
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Oh Governor Goodhair....

Face it, Ricky. Virginia just doesn't like you. To be completely honest, I can understand; I don't like you much either. I mean, I know I'm a Texas Liberal, and we pretty much dislike most elected officials in our state, but this is just ridiculous. If you couldn't get the signatures that you knew you needed to get on the ballot, then Virginia just doesn't like you. Either that, or your election campaign staff did a half-assed job about canvassing Virginia to get people to sign the petition. (Maybe they don't like you either.)

Can someone tell me if Perry's lawsuit has precedent, or is this just another sign of how the political situation in America has become increasingly akin to a bunch of seven-year-olds squabbling on a playground.

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