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I swear, all I wanted to do was make it rain a little in Dallas. It's been a dry winter, and my sinuses were suffering. So I had this thing I'd been tinkering with in my office, sort of a humidifier, and I figured, "What could go wrong?"

Greater minds than mine have been laid low with such statements.

It was remarkably easy to get the plutonium. I won't tell you where; that was part of the business arrangement. But if you find yourself in dire need of fissionable materials, check the men's restroom at the Love's truckstop in Ennis. The phone number's underneath the toilet rollers, next to a rather well-rendered and phallic bit of graffiti. Tell them that Professor Fate told you about them. Pay cash, and pay promptly. They also do cleanup.

I have to say that I was pleased with the initial results. The fog yesterday was just what I was hoping for. But it seems to have cascaded. It's getting colder, and it's still raining. I turned the machine off, but I had turned it up to 11, just to see how fast it would work, and I think it just sort of cascaded. Sorry about that.

My advice to you is to stock up on warm clothes and plenty of food. If you can, head south, but I can't tell you how far this is going to reach. Stay away from the mountains; it'll be nastier up there.

At least my sinuses aren't dry....

Today is the Anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Birthday and is Rabbit Hole Day. Take your own journey down the rabbit hole.


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