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Merry Christmas to all who read my LJ. IF it's not your holiday of choice, creed, or belief, then please feel free to substitute the one of your choice. The sentiment will still remain.
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I'm borrowing Wil Wheaton's Christmas wish this year, because it fits my plans as well:

Whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year, I hope it's filled with all the stuff you like, none of the stuff you don't like, and that you're surrounded by people you love, because that's how I'm doing it, and it rules.

Happy Holidays.
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... was good. I missed the Great Engagement Plot (see [livejournal.com profile] drexplosivo and [livejournal.com profile] ladyjendifi for details) by only a few minutes by stopping for catfood. However, the extra effort was appreciated by the three quadrapedal members of the household, and as a result, by all bipedal members of the household as well. Spent Friday doing pretty much Nothing of Consequence (a little of this, a little of that, a little CoH, a little CoV, a little GTA, a little TV). Helped establish "The Ref" as a Christmas tradition, and got my Zero Mostel fix for a while. Drank too much wine.

Woke up way too late on Saturday, but with minimal hangover and earlier than [livejournal.com profile] sister_kybosh. Futzed around for most of the day, and went to Midnight services with the folks (Pop was playing guitar during the service). Was reminded that Mom wants me to go to church more often.

Sunday was Christmas dinner, at about 3pm. Presents exchanged (those I did not hand out or receive earlier), and general family time was had. Observation: chipotle is really good in mashed sweet potatoes, but a bit unexpected when surrounded by traditional turkey and stuffing. (My family does not malign the noble sweet potato with the presence of caramelized sugar and marshmallows.)

The haul:

"The Producers" (Original 1968 version) - Much thanks my Misrulian brothers
Gift cards - books and music and vids - Thanks to family and Sister Cacophony
New sheets - Just in time (not that the old ones were bad or anything; it was just time for a change).
Cookbooks - I told my mother to look for GERD cookbooks, and she gives me generic healthy. Oh well. They look good, and they beat the old Better Homes one that I have that has really crappy recipes in it.
Beef Jerky - My brother-in-law cooked up a batch for the family. It was gone within six hours.
A large contribution to remove credit card debt - a fine piece of gift, most appreciated.

Still have a few coming from the other side of the family, but I expect I'll get pretty much what I asked for. Unless my step-grandmother feels the need to prostyletize at me again.

Short week at work, but busy. I have a proposal due on January 3, and have January 2 off. Which means it must be done by Friday. Back to work.


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